Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Art Is Beauty - Part 1 | El Paso, Fort Bliss Beauty Portrait Photographer

When I put out a casting call for models for my Grimm fairy tale series, I received an e-mail from a lovely woman with some incredible body art. She was the inspiration for an entirely different kind of creative series: Art is Beauty. This series will serve to showcase the gorgeous body art of the subject in both studio sets and on-location.

The first part of the series was shot exclusively in studio using a single flash head and softbox, with a reflector positioned for fill light. The wardrobe is provided by the model with the exception of the black tulle skirt, and makeup services were provided by Emily D. Vinyl of Beauty is Art. It was my first shoot in the new studio space, and I was favorably impressed with the variety of shots I was able to get for being in such close quarters. I am looking forward to Part 2 of the series, scheduled for 6/2/13. 

2013-05-28_0001 2013-05-28_0007 2013-05-28_0002 2013-05-28_0003 2013-05-28_0006 2013-05-28_0004 2013-05-28_0008 2013-05-28_0009 2013-05-28_0010 2013-05-28_0012 2013-05-28_0011

Bridal Beauty | El Paso, Fort Bliss Bridal Portrait Photographer

I feel like I should start this blog post off with a little disclaimer: These are not my lovely model's actual bridal portraits. Those are under wraps until the premiere of her gown on her wedding day. And, oh my goodness, it is hard not to post them. Because she is absolutely stunning in her wedding gown! 

This gown was a little gem I found while antiques shopping in West El Paso. It is a quintessential princess gown, and, for $25, was an absolute steal. It is likely to debut in a creative session in the future. For this particular shoot, it serves to illustrate the diversity possible in a single bridal shoot. Various lighting conditions, locations, and styles from classically posed to editorial drama, bridals are a perfect way to showcase a bride's unique style and vision of their big day. I adore weddings, and more than capturing the details of the day itself I love to capture the excitement and beauty of the bride. The anticipation of the beginning of a new chapter in their lives makes them shine brightly, even in shadow.

2013-05-28_0027 2013-05-28_0022 2013-05-28_0021 2013-05-28_0028 2013-05-28_0015 2013-05-28_0016

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Published!! | Featured | El Paso, Fort Bliss Portrait Photographer

Submitting to publications is a nerve-wracking endeavor.  Whether it is for a blog feature or a chance to be printed in a magazine, there is always a degree of vulnerability when it comes to presenting your work to others in an effort to be deemed worthy.  I am not inherently competitive, and generally modest about my work, so submitting to publications has never really been a priority for me.

But something about picking up the camera and producing artwork for myself, simply for the creation of something beautiful and magical, made something change about the way I looked at my work.  Here I was, hoarding dozens of images from a session that I had poured my heart and soul into on an external hard drive.  It didn't make sense.  Why was I creating art only to cram it into a black box and show mere glimpses of it to the world?  So I did something I had never had the courage to do: Push back my sense of modesty and relay, instead, my confidence in my worth.  I submitted a series of images to Essere, a small creative photography publication based in Virginia.  I never expected to hear back.

About an hour later, I received an e-mail stating that they wanted to include my series in their May issue.

I had to read it several times to make very extra sure that I had seen it correctly.  And then I got excited.  Very, very, very excited.  But I am a somewhat superstitious person, and did not want to jinx it.  Instead of announcing it right away, I resolved to keep it fairly quiet (with the exception of disclosure to a few good friends and family).

Until I received a beautiful copy in the mail today, that is.  I just cannot keep silent anymore.  I am simply thrilled at the prospect of having three full spreads in a printed magazine!  I do not desire fame or fortune in the grand scheme of things.  Still, it is pretty darn cool to see my work amongst some seriously amazing talent.  I am honored to have been included. 

You can purchase a copy of the May 2013 or other issues of Essere magazine here.

2013-05-01_0001 2013-05-01_0002