Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Why I Am Not A Child Photographer | Personal | El Paso, Fort Bliss Portrait Photographer

Because most of the time, I get this:


After about 30-45 minutes of resistance, I make a little headway with this:


And, when all of the energy used in eluding me is exhausted, I somehow manage to sneak in one or two of these:

By the time I have decent photos of this kid snapped, I'm too exhausted to even attempt to edit them. Props to those who exclusively photograph young children and newborns!  You are rock stars!

Love Alters Not | Anniversary | El Paso, Fort Bliss Portrait Photographer

When you have a history with someone, can laugh with them, can surmise a thought from a single look, that is a love to cherish.  The light and mirth of this couple was absolutely infectious.  I found myself laughing and smiling right along with them, despite the cold morning wind nearly blowing me over as I knelt precariously around cacti and thorny bushes to get just the angles I was looking for (photography can be perilous!).  Congratulations on a year of marriage!  May there be many decades of joy to come.

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