Monday, October 1, 2012

Hello, Fall! | Personal | El Paso Wedding & Portrait Photographer

I wish I could liken the changing seasons to the changes that are happening here at MMU Photography, but in the desert the changes are not nearly as drastic.  No turning leaves or markedly cooler weather signal the need for a fall-colored wardrobe or stylish layers.  Without the return of the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte, I might have drifted into winter ignorant of the debut of my favorite season.

It has been easy to get disoriented in the whirlwind of activity of the past few months.  Between relocating twice (from Lawton to Killeen, then from Killeen to El Paso), packing, traveling to see family, unpacking, ob-gyn appointments (for the newest addition to the MMU Photography team due in November), and getting settled into a comfortable routine, there has been little opportunity to breathe, let alone keep others updated with the goings-ons, but I am here to try!

When we left Killeen, I took quite a bit of time focusing on my family.  I wanted to be sure that our son was comfortable with all of the big transitions (moving to a new house, sleeping in his own room, adapting to a new environment) as well as prepare for the arrival of his sister.

2012-09-16_004 2012-09-16_003

In the midst of the move and all that came with it, I began a gradual restructuring of my business plan.  This began with a massive overhaul of my product line and pricing.  I drafted packages and ordered samples of products offered.  I took a good, hard look at my business and what I wanted to do to make it stand out, as well as how I would be able to maintain the delicate balance of business and family without one overwhelming the other. 

2012-09-16_006 2012-09-16_005 2012-09-30_001

Happily, I seem to have found a balance.

The following changes have been made to the MMU Photography product line & services:

  • Today (October 1, 2012) through December 31, 2012, MMU Photography will not be taking on new portrait sessions or weddings.  Sessions for 2013 may be scheduled during this time, and all requested client orders will be processed as normal.
  • All prints (with the exception of wallets) come standard mounted on matboard (gift prints), styrene (standard prints) or foamcore (large prints) to better preserve the quality of your portraits.
  • All gift prints (8x10 and smaller) are a flat rate.  Details available upon request.
  • Packages will debut in the product line (and online shopping carts) November 2012.
  •  An in-person presentation of images will be scheduled one week after portrait sessions.  After the in-person session, an online shopping cart and gallery will available for 14 days for friends and family.
  • MMU Photography will resume OpLove portrait sessions and homecomings January 2013.  Sessions will be limited to one of each type per month.
  • The America's Sweetheart Program (ASP) and bookings of portrait sessions and weddings will also resume in January 2013.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this time of transition, both professional and personal.  I look forward to coming into the new year refreshed and ready to take on the world!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ever Ever After | El Paso, Fort Bliss Wedding Photographer

A stunning pair, a beautiful Orange County wedding day steeped in Lithuanian tradition, and a high energy bunch of friends and family made for an unforgettable wedding day.  From start to finish, small touches made the wedding deeply personal for the bride and groom, a window into their fairy tale courtship.  Table number holders at each table boasted a framed portrait of various Disney attractions that the couple had experienced together, the groom's cake was a very fitting Captain America emblem, and hints of the military life whose obstacles they continue to conquer were evident throughout (the groom's dress blues, the bride's garter, the very sweet Precious Moments cake topper).  Add in a handful of traditional wedding customs honoring the groom's Lithuanian roots, and this wedding stood out in a class all its own.  For this Disney loving pair, there is really only one way to close out this blog post...

2012-07-14_003 2012-07-14_004 2012-07-14_021 2012-07-14_006 2012-07-14_007 2012-07-14_008 2012-07-14_009 2012-07-14_010 2012-07-14_011 2012-07-14_001 2012-07-14_018 2012-07-14_019 2012-07-14_014 2012-07-14_013 2012-07-14_015 2012-07-14_012 2012-07-14_016 2012-07-14_017 2012-07-14_022

                                                                                           ...And they lived happily ever after.

Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. {M}!



Sunday, June 24, 2012

Picture Perfect | Fort Bliss, El Paso Anniversary Portrait Photographer

I love stories.  Books, movies, tales of everyday people leading extraordinary lives or taking part in fantastic adventures.  I love writing stories, as well.  There is something wonderful and liberating about being able to create your own characters, your own environments, and weaving the fabric of their world into a rich tapestry of events.  In pursuit of my photographic career, I find myself attracted to the storytelling aspect of photographs.  There are, of course, those frame-worthy, picture-perfect moments where everyone is looking at the camera, flawless and happy.  But then there are those in-between moments, or even the something-akin-to-movie-directed moments: A touch, a glance, a small gesture that speaks volumes for the affection that is so clearly present between the subjects.  This couple's session is a perfect example of the pairing of two seemingly unlike styles to present a wonderful story that is very telling of their sweet, fun, and loving relationship.  Happy 2nd Anniversary, {M} Family!  May you continue to celebrate in happiness for several decades to come!

2012-06-24_003 2012-06-24_002 2012-06-24_001 2012-06-24_006 2012-06-24_007 2012-06-24_005

Monday, June 18, 2012

Hello, Hello! | Fort Bliss, El Paso Event Photographer

It was another hot, breezy evening in Texas when I met with my homecoming client at Cooper Field.  While I was fully expecting another incredible experience, I had no idea just how much my last Fort Hood homecoming would mean to me.  To start, my client was wonderful, so full of energy and excitement that she shines in every frame.   It was effortless to capture the love between her and her husband.  His parents were there, as well, to welcome their son home.  The joy, relief, and closeness of the family really pulled at the heartstrings, and it was a great way to close one incredible chapter of my photographic journey.  Thank you, {K} family, and congratulations on being newly reunited!

2012-06-18_001 2012-06-18_002 2012-06-18_008 2012-06-18_007 2012-06-18_009 2012-06-18_006 2012-06-18_010 2012-06-18_005 2012-06-18_004 2012-06-18_003

Welcome Home, Soldiers! | Fort Bliss, El Paso Event Photographer

What's better than shooting a military homecoming for one amazing couple?  Shooting a double homecoming for two friends and their spouses!  What better way is there to spend the seemingly endless time waiting for your soldier than to be hanging out with one of your best friends?  You might recognize one couple from their R&R session in February.  It was definitely a challenge, but the results are well worth it!  Congratulations {F} & {M} families; the long wait is finally over!

2012-06-18_013 2012-06-16_003 2012-06-16_005 2012-06-16_009 2012-06-16_004 2012-06-16_006 2012-06-18_011 2012-06-18_012 2012-06-16_011 2012-06-16_002 2012-06-16_001