Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The {G} Family | Family Portrait Photography

Nothing makes my job easier than wonderful clientsI can't think of a single client of mine who has been less than 100% enthusiastic and compliant on a shoot, and this family was no exception.  Even better than their great attitudes and ridiculously cute, cooperative children was the feeling of being one of the family, even from a completely subjective standpoint as a photographer.  They were simply a fantastic, low-key-yet-high-energy bunch that I was pleased to be able to capture memories for before their upcoming deployment.  All the best for the year ahead, {G} Family!  You'll be taking family photos again before you know it.   

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The {M} Family | Family Portrait Photography

Even before I met the {M} family on a beautiful Spring morning at Pace Park in Salado, I was determined to get the perfect family portrait.  That one fantastic shot with everyone looking at the camera, perfectly poised and smiling, that they would blow up and place over their couch.  I strive for that perfection.  But, the funny thing about the outcome of this shoot was that, the more time I spent with them, my perception of the perfect family portrait changed.  I started seeing perfection in their daughter's glee over the simple possession of keys and a stick, in a windblown portrait, even in their sweet, independent-minded little girl's determination to stand apart from the crowd.  I captured laughter, genuine smiles, and genuine tenderness even during moments of near-meltdown.  For this beautiful family, I couldn't imagine a more real and lasting kind of perfect.

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