Sunday, July 24, 2011

Flowers, Rings and Things | Bridal Teaser

I normally offer sneak peeks, in which I process a few images that showcase some of the best shots of the session. Fortunately, the subject of my first bridal shoot was conscientious enough to remind me that her groom also has a computer and access to my very public site. Somehow, though I have quite a bit of experience in the world of weddings, the concept of entertaining discretion in displaying her in her gorgeous gown had eluded me! So for this shoot I am offering a teaser instead.

I had a blast, despite the Texas heat and humidity. You know you had a great session when the most harrowing ordeal is choosing the very best shots! Congratulations to the beautiful bride; I just know your wedding day will be spectacular!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Little Peanut Sneak Peek | Baby Portrait

Sweet babies like little Peanut remind me of why I love photography so much. Parenthood has taught me that every little detail is something worthy of being captured and immortalized. Drool on the chin, a heart-melting toothless grin, a furrowed brow or just the way they behold everything in life with an innocent wonder...Actually, I should be honest: The best part for me is that it helps me keep my baby fever at bay! Enjoy this sneak peek of my first studio/baby session!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The "S" Family Sneak Peek | Family Portrait

Deployments are hard. I knew this as a child who grew up in a military household. It hits harder now that I have gone through nearly an entire deployment as a military spouse and temporary single parent to a young child. So, when I was contacted me about a pre-deployment session, I was more than happy to work with the "S" family. I know my own family's pre-deployment portraits have gotten me through several low points, and keeping up morale, both overseas and here at home, is crucial.

We met at last in Salado, in 100+ degree weather. I was worried about the heat. They didn't have any such worries. Throughout the session they were at ease; all smiles, laughs, and stories. I couldn't have asked for a more entertaining bunch! I hope that, as they look back on these pictures during the long days and nights apart, they remember how it felt to be all together, beating the heat with sheer determination and optimism.