Monday, August 29, 2011

Sweet Baby "J" | Newborn Portrait

I did not come into the photography business with my mind set on specializing in newborns. My supply of blankets is abundant, but other props (hats, bows, backdrops, etc.) are woefully lacking. Fortunately, when it comes to newborns, none of that "stuff" really matters. The beauty of a newborn isn't in how immaculately dressed, perfectly posed or accessorized he or she is (although I do melt when I see those bright, beautifully executed newborn portraits!); it is in the wrinkles of feet that fit in the hollow of your hand, the grip of their dainty fingers, and, in the case of a particularly wakeful little one, the way they look around the world with a sense of wonder. This was my first, and hopefully not my last, newborn session. Life is beautiful.